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Suitable for advanced students studying for TOEFL or TOEIC level exams.

Here is some vocabulary that is commonly used when talking about the tourism industry. Do you recognise these words? Study their meanings and then see them in use in the sentences below!


Eiffel Tower - Famous Tourist Attraction


  • sightsee - (v) to go and see interesting places and tourist attractions.
  • itinerary - (n) the plan of your travel, the places you will visit on a trip.
  • brochure - (n) a small leaflet or booklet usually advertising or giving some information.
  • accommodation - (n) a place where people can live or sleep.
  • destination - (n) the place someone is travelling to.
  • departure - (n) the act of leaving or going away.
  • route - (n) the way or the roads you travel to get to your destination.
  • ecotourism - (n) environmentally friendly tourism, usually to a place of nature.
  • festival - (n) a time of celebration or ceremony.
  • backpacking - (v) to go travelling with a backpack.


Example sentences


  • () Last year we went to London. We spent most of the trip sightseeing, there was so much to see!
  • () Your tour guide will plan the itinerary of your holiday for your visit to Scotland.
  • () Please take a look at our brochure. It has all the details and opening times of the local museums.
  • () We have not decided on our accommodation yet. We might stay with friends, in a hotel or maybe even rent a cottage!
  • () Our final destination today will be a restaurant on the beach for a sunset dinner.
  • () Departure time will be 3pm tomorrow. Please be packed and ready to leave!
  • () The route from the airport to our hotel takes in some stunning views of the ocean.
  • () We have a new ecotourism centre in our village where you can find out about our natural farming techniques.
  • () The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket will be celebrated in September this year.
  • () Many students spend a year or two backpacking, through Asia or South America, after they complete their university study.


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Tourism Vocabulary 2

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