In this discussion on Funky English we are going to talk about your favourite restaurant!


Restaurant with a view


Your favourite restaurant might be in a 5 star hotel or maybe it's a wooden shack on the beach. Do they serve lobster and champagne or fish and chips?

What do you like to eat when you visit your favourite restaurant? Who do you like to eat with?


Try and describe your restaurant to us! Talk about the food, the location, the views and your memories!

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Good morning ! everybody :) 

I like the restaurant which located at the seaside & riverside. It has a good view and romantic songs. We also eat the fresh seafood, grill barbecue, salad, Samtom. For example : Good view restaurant , Rim Rabiang Restarant , Rabiang Rimnan Restaurant. 

Ths most my favorite restaurant is Koh lanta Restaurant which is near Suwanapumi Airport. Almost people guess the restaurant located at Koh lanta of the south of Thailand because the name is similar it.  We can see the air plane stop. It have a small lake and have a small building in the lake for dinner. It  decorated with old things.For example : big old boats,  There are about 40 tables in the lakeside.They are many Thai food especially south of Thailand food.  It difficult to find in BKK. When i go there i often to order  ผัดใบเหลียงผัดไข่. some kind of tree leaf fried with eat , so delicious :D

Pls see more information on this link :

Have you ever go there before ?  

Hi Fang!

Thank you for sharing your experiences of this restaurant. The restaurant looks beautiful, I clicked the link and the pictures are amazing. I have never been here but I hope that I can ask my friends to take me next time I go to BKK. I love restaurants next to the lake or next to the sea. There is nothing better than having dinner while watching the sunset over the water. 

I've added this to the list of things I must see in Thailand! A very well written restaurant review!

Good evening ! 

I'm so happy that teacher can understand what was I wrote and you like it. Actually, I would like to explain more information but i could not. Do you know i have to spend about 30 minutes to write it. very hard for me TT TT  

** Question ! Usually , we use seaside or next to the sea ? 

Thank you ! you are a good teacher who is kind and big heart :D 

I try my best hihihi 




It may have been difficult, but it was worth it! You have described the restaurant very well and your English writing will just get better and better. I am a happy teacher - seeing so many people using the forums and getting involved!


Remember - the more you write the easier it gets. Keep going. Thank you for the kind words. :)


We can be at the seaside or next to the sea. We can also say on the beach, by the sea or on the coast. There are many different options!

Teacher ! 

** the more you write the easier it gets --> what is the meaning ? 

If you spend more time practising your writing you will get better at writing and find it easier. It may be difficult now but in the future it will be less difficult!

teacher ! 

thank you for your support and encouragement :D 

My favourite restaurant is a beach restaurant in Phuket. It is by the beach in a place called Cape Panwa. It is a very simple restaurant, just a wooden beach hut with plastic chairs outside. I like it so much because you sit in the sand and the sunset is right in front of you. The restaurant always plays reggae music or 70s music. The food is simple seafood - a selection of different dishes straight from the ocean! My favourite dish is the barbecue squid, simply delicious!

Sunset at The Beach restaurant

The restaurant is called The Beach. It is only open for a few months of the year in the tourist high season, so I've not been for a while. I am looking forward to going back there when it opens.

Good morning ! teacher :D 

Thank you for sharing your experience of this restaurant ^^ .Almost people like that kind of restaurant.It is suitable for a sunny day. I also love to watch the sunset while we have dinner.That's totally awesome !!!! When you have stress for work you have a good rest there :) so good. 

** Question " I've not been for a while " what meaning ? 

For a while means a period of time. It could be a few hours, a few days or even a few years depending on the context of the sentence. In my example it means a few months.
I would love this restaurant. Watching a sunset over the sea whilst having a leisurely meal must be dreamlike. I would have freshly caught fish and a great salad. I can dream!
Freshly caught fish is always delicious!


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