Talk About The Lyrics - Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?


This is a song written and performed by the British singer Peter Sarstedt. This song was first released in 1969 and was a UK number 1 at the time. This song is about the life of a fictional woman called Marie-Claire. The song gives us an interesting glimpse into the fashion and popular icons of the time. Let's take a look at some of the interesting words and phrases in this song:

  • Boulevard - A wide tree lined street.
  • Swimsuit - An item of clothing worn my women for swimming.
  • Suntan - Browning of the skin caused by exposure to the sun.
  • Jet set (idiom) - Wealthy people who travel around the world for leisure and social events.
  • Sip - To drink a small amount of something.
  • Give a damn (slang) - To be interested or worried about something or someone.
  • Shake-off (phrasal verb) - To get rid of something that's causing you problems (illness, bad reputation).
  • Bear the scar (idiom) - To still suffer emotional pain from something bad that happened in the past.


Talk about:

What do you think these lyrics mean?

  • I want to look inside your head.
  • Your name is heard in high places.

Who do you think Marie-Claire was?

What do we know about her?

How does the singer know her?


Do you recognise any of the people, brands or places mentioned in the song? 

You might have heard of:

  • Marlene Dietrich
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Sacha Distel
  • Sorbonne
  • Picasso
  • Saint Moritz
  • Napoleon Brandy


Extra link - Peter Sarstedt singing the song live (YouKu)

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this is so...  advanced..

i'll just sit here patiently and waiting for someone else answering those tough questions..

(btw, today i'm learning some new vocabularies.  thank you, Teacher Jamie).

It is quite advanced! I also think the references in the song are quite old. 

Cookie Monster looks smart today. Has he got a new job?

actually, he owned a very successful cookie company.

here's a box of the cookie sample, from him to you.  Cookie Monster sends his best regards.. nom nom nom..

I don't want his regards. I want his COOKIES!

we apologize, Your Majesty..

cookies will be served right away..

I like this song so much! Songs with a story are much more affecting and emotive. I've read that this song about Sophia Loren - the illegitimate child of a father who's surname's clare n a mother named marie.... Does it so? 

About this part of the task: 

What do this phrases mean:

  • I want to look inside your head.
  • Your name is heard in high places.

Do they have some inner meaning??? I understand them like he wants to understand her, to feel what she feels, to sense that she is still that little girl... high places - swell society.

J'aime la chanson Sacha Distel. The Rolling Stones are great!!! Paint it black - the sexiest one. I tried a brandy  - Napoleon Brandy :) I'm not a fan of Picasso. Mн Dad adores Marlene Dietrich. Sorbonne - spirite of France.


Hi Ann!

I have also heard the theory about Sophia Loren. I don't know if it true or not. 

You are correct in your understandings of the meanings. High places is high society - the rich, the influential, the powerful and the famous!

I'm glad you can understand the references in this song. I thought it was interesting that such an old song still has relevance today. Thank you for taking part in this activity. I'm happy that you enjoy this song too. :)

It's really very-very interesting! Old hits incomparable with contemporary music.

Would you like to suggest a song we can talk about in the future?

Not sure that my liking are suitable...this song is very melodic. And, also, I difficultly remember the performer's names.

Digging in the memory:

- Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

- Сyndi Lauper - Time after Time

- Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody

- Elton John - Your song

- Plain White T's - hey  there Delilah (that's not old :)

- The Beach Boys - wouldn't it be nice

- Jim Croce - Time in a bottle

- Lackie Wilson - Higher & higher

If I remember once something really good I'll write here.

Thank you for giving me some great ideas! I'll add a new discussion soon. :)

i like Time after Time - Cindy Lauper.


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