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Hold your horses!



Sharon: I want an orange juice and some crisps. A cheese sandwich too. Can you give them to me now! I'm really hungry. Come on!

Tracy: Hold your horses! I'll get your food in a moment. Please be a little more patient.

Sharon: I'm sorry.


Hold your horses - this English idiom is used to tell someone to slow down, be patient or wait.



Can you write a sentence with this idiom or create a situation when you might use this idiom?


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 When I was a child my father took me to the theme park , me and my littel brother , when we approached to the game  my brother he was  excited , and he want play imidiatly  , I sed to him then " Hold your horses, you'll get your turn " .

you are such a patient person...hehe

Nice use of the idiom Mredy!

son : Can we go to the beach now, dad? I cant wait anymore !

father : Hold your horses, son. we've got 2 weeks here, so let's take a short rest, we can go then !

I'm impatient when I visit the beach. I just want to dive into the water. :)

we always feel like that :) can not hold our horses :)

may i able to hold my horse in angery mood

yes, you can :)

Usually, I have no problem  hold my horses.


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