Haiku is a type of Japanese poetry. Haiku is traditionally written in Japanese, but can be written in English too. Haiku is often written about nature but does not have to be. You can write Haiku about any subject you like! When it is written in English it has 3 short lines. The number of syllables in each line is important. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the final line has 5 syllables.


In English a syllable is a single sound. For example, the word cat has 1 syllable, the word elephant has 3 syllables (el - a - phant) and the word spectacular has 4 syllables (spec - tac - u - lar)


How many syllables in funkyenglish? That's right - 4!


Here are a couple of example Haiku poems. Count the syllables carefully.


Title - Fat Cat


Big fat cat looking

at me. Waiting. Waiting. Food

is coming. He knows.



Title - Rain

Intense monsoon rain

World around is sodden through

Waiting for the sun


Now it's your turn! Can you create some haiku poetry? You can create a poem about anything you like. The only thing that matters is that the poems have 3 short lines and the right number of syllables! Have fun - haiku can be serious or silly, use you imagination or describe something around you!

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Funky English is

The best place to learn online

One cup of tea, please

I like it!

My Alarm clock say

Wake up! Wake up! Go to work

Oh !Well I am late!

Excellent! That's a well written haiku, you have the syllables absolutely correct!


I don't like my alarm clock. It always interrupts my nice sleep!

We are waiting love

It comes,It still,and It gone

Then we wait again!

Awesome! Well done, great poem.


A haiku about the difficulties of finding true love. I think this would be a popular haiku subject!

The sun is shining

Making things look beautiful

I need sunglasses!

Very nice! That poem makes we want to go to the beach!


Haiku poems about the weather are always popular.

Mysterious snake

Hiding underneath a rock

He's waiting to pounce.

Cool poem! I'm not worried about the snake, my fat cat will protect me.
้Here have sunglasses would you like to get one ? :) nice Haiku

Good morning !

Beautiful Flower  @--> 

It was sent to me last night ..

I was so surprise :O 





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