Adele announced that she is over the moon to be pregnant and expecting her first child. Check out this newspaper report in the Daily Record.

News report - Daily Record


She's got a bun in the oven!


 In English there are many different ways to say somebody is pregnant. We can say:

  • Expecting
  • Carrying a child
  • With child
  • Preggers

There are also some idioms that we can use:

  • Up the duff
  • In the pudding club
  • Up the spout
  • Have a bun in the oven
  • Knocked up (not very polite)
  • Eating for two
  • In the family way


Can you think of any more?

What idioms do you have in your country for being pregnant?


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I don't know any more idioms about being pregnant from my country...   There are some I  never hear in your list... In the pudding club, that is nice and funny but I never be in the pudding club...  :)

It's an interesting one! We have many idioms and slang words for pregnancy because many years ago the British were too shy or embarrassed to actually talk about pregnancy and giving birth. We made up many silly idioms to mean the same thing!

Thank you.  It seems to be the same thing in my country many years ago...

It's a clever play on words by the writer. If you are rolling in it (idiom) - you are very rich. We don't usually use rolling in for other things. The writer has combined this idiom, the song title and Adele's pregnancy to create this phrase!

Silly answers really make me laugh Vero :) 

I dont quite get the meaning of " baby and womb" pic :) 

pregnant woman usually cravings food, and sometimes crave at the unusual hour.

in this picture, the expectant woman waken up his husband at three in the morning because she carve for some hot wings.

the painter imagine the carve actually came from the hungry baby in her womb.

Very funny =)

Haha. The first set of sentences must have been written by a man!

Womb service. A good way to remember the pronunciation of this word. It rhymes with room.

Oh dear...

What's this from Vero?

Death at a Funeral.


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